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Inside The Tape: Homicide and Crime Scene Management

May 2-4, 2017 * 0800-1600

Medford, Oregon

WHERE:  Jackson County Sheriff’s Office 

                    5179 Crater Lake Highway 

                    Central Point, OR 97502

TUITION: $295.00 each. One free seat for the fourth student from the same agency.

TO REGISTER:  Print out the registration form found HERE and complete including method of payment. Fax the registration to 1-866-529-6152. You will receive a confirmation within 24 hours and a receipt if paying by credit card. Once payment is made refunds are not issued but credits are given for any future training course offered in the U.S.

THE INSTRUCTOR: Investigator David Newman (RET) from the Norfolk Police Department in Virginia. Investigator Newman began his career in law enforcement in 1984 and retired from Norfolk in late 2008. His experience with the Norfolk P.D. includes over 15 years in the bureau serving in homicide & forensics and involvement in over 500 death investigations and high profile homicides. While serving in forensics he has investigated over 2500 cases including an additional 65 homicide investigations and over 500 crime scenes. Investigator Newman received his Bachelor’s Degree from Old Dominion University in 1986 in Criminal Justice, and has lectured several hundred hours to law enforcement agencies at all levels across the country on the topic of homicide investigation and its related forensic applications. His courses have been taught in conjunction with the Virginia State Division of Forensic Science and the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. Investigator Newman has also instructed basic and advanced forensics at Thomas Nelson College in Virginia, equivocal death scenes at the Virginia State Division of Forensic Science, and is a qualified expert in death investigation and its related forensic fields. His expertise in crime scene management through development of standard operating procedures have been adopted by several agencies across the country with great success. Inv. David Newman continues to provide aid in cold cases, 911 analysis and expert courtroom testimony resulting in over 30 years of experience.


*Development of Standard Operating Procedures 

*Levels of Crime Scene Management from Assessment to Release (Protocol) 

*Responsibilities and Objectives of Homicide Scene Management 

*Defining and Demonstrate the Various Levels of Association that Exist Between the Homicide Victim and Offender (Pyramid of Association) (Solvability Factors) 

*Categorize Unresolved Homicide Investigation from Ongoing to Exceptional 

*Unresolved Homicide Investigation Causal Factors and Strategies 

*Inactive and Cold Case Investigation Reviews & Discussion 

*Criminal Investigative Analysis with a Focus on Victimology & Scene Indicators 

*Analysis of the 911 Call & Case Reviews 

*Medical-Legal Death Investigation 

*Crime Scene Sequence Event Determination – Model Employing Scientific Method 

*Crime Scene Evaluation (Execution of the Walk-Thru) 

*Specific Types of Crime Scenes & Related Forensic Disciplines 

*Suicide and Equivocal Death Scene Investigation – Analysis of Equivocal Death 

*SIDS Review and Infant Homicide Scene 

Inside the Tape has been committed to providing quality training to law-enforcement agencies since 2001 without raising tuition rates or cancelling classes. We have added more in depth topics and several new case reviews to our program which continues to receive high marks from law enforcement agencies at all levels across the country, and has been used as a model for homicide scene management by agencies such as the Cincinnati, Austin, Detroit, Atlanta and St Paul Police in Minnesota. Several agencies contract our program out for in-service training and have implemented our methodologies and crime scene management principles with great success resulting in higher clearance and conviction rates. Our courses have also been certified by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board by the Law and Justice Commission as required training to serve as a lead detective in the state, State of Michigan MCOLES & the State of Missouri Peace Officers Standards and Training Program.